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Now You Can Get your Lab Results FAST!

Lehigh Valley , Pa — (May 22, 2017)

MyHNLAccess and signing up is easy

Did you know we offer a free service so you can get your lab test results as soon as they are ready? It’s called MyHNLAccess and signing up is easy. Once you register you will be able to:

  • View your test results
  • See how well your health conditions are managed over time
  • Customize your dashboard so you see exactly what you want
  • Pay your bill
  • Learn about health conditions
  • Find out about other services we offer
Register today at

Where Does Your Throat Culture Go? Part IV

Lehigh Valley, Pa — ( May 2017 )

In Part IV of our series that illustrates what happens after a sample is submitted for testing in our lab, we follow a throat culture being tested for Streptococcus or Strep Throat. Health Network Laboratories' Microbiology Lab is featured. Stay tuned for Part V coming soon.

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