Health Network Laboratories Tracks Dramatic Increase in Positive Flu Tests

Lehigh Valley , Pa — ( February 6, 2017 )

Health Network Laboratories’ Microbiology Manager Georgia Colasante, discusses recent increases in positive flu results in January 2017. The number is dramatically higher than those reported the same time last year. Learn who should get tested and why.

Where Does Your Blood Go Part III

Lehigh Valley , Pa — ( February 2, 2017 )

This video is the third in a series that illustrates what happens to your blood after it’s been drawn and sent to a lab for testing. Part III shows the Automation Department at Health Network Laboratories (HNL). Many routine tests start in this department, ex: glucose, cholesterol, and potassium. Stayed tuned for Part IV, where we’ll explore HNL’s Microbiology Department.

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