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Rapid Labs™

Web Entry/Results

The most comprehensive, web based, lab test ordering and result reporting application available

Order Entry

  • Select tests, diagnosis codes and submit orders in just five clicks on ONE screen.
  • View specimen requirements.
  • Automatically match insurance coverage.
  • Place standing orders.
  • Check ICD-10 codes and print ABN’s in English or Spanish.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Print requisitions and labels.
  • Practice Management System integration.
  • Upon selection of an Anatomic Pathology (AP) test, you can identify biopsy locations and make annotations on selected anatomical images using online drag and drop technology. As the biopsy locations are selected, the system automatically generates specimen labels for each location. The anatomical image with locations can be viewed with the report online and the image can be printed separately along with the final report.

Result Retrieval

  • View lab results immediately after testing.
  • Critical or abnormal value results are highlighted for easy access.
  • Locate patients by name, Patient Identification Number, or Social Security Number (SS#).
  • Create patient categories for easy sorting and follow-up.
  • Monitor patient responses to treatments with instant graphs and cumulative reports.
  • Print reports with three options: Auto Print, Batch Print or Print on Demand.
  • Receive alerts for critical and abnormal values.

Rapid Labs™ Reports

Real Time …Secure Results

An Internet Connectivity Solution that securely delivers real-time test results and streamlines office operations.
Step-by-step instructions are provided and technical support is always readily available.
  • Easy Access to Real-Time results of your recent patients from anywhere you can access the Internet.
  • Patient results without the wait of a hard copy or searching for difficult to locate reports.
  • Customize how results are received & prioritized: abnormals only, result type or by ordering provider.
  • Securely share Rapid Labs™ Reports inbox functionality to get complete coverage on days when your office is short staffed.
  • Track patient progress over time with cumulative results.
  • Graph cumulative results, or chart results with a trend. Graph to display the high and low ends of a test’s reference range.
  • Share results with other physicians with Rapid Labs™ Reports access.

Rapid Labs™ On the GO

Ordering clinicians can view patient lab results, patient demographics, and contact information related to results as they become available via iPhone®, iPad®, OR Android™ mobile digital devices.

  • Search for a specific patient or select from a list of recently accessed patients.
  • Access results by date of service or specific test.
  • Abnormal values easily identified.
  • All lab results are available including microbiology and pathology reports.
  • View specific test results in a cumulative format.
  • Access patient demographic data.

Result Delivery and Trending

  • Review lab reports on-the-move.
  • Sequential trending lets you see a patient´s results over time to help recognize important patterns.
  • Also accessible are results designated for “copy-to” provider(s).

Fast Orders

Electronic lab order entry for nursing homes

  • Electronic lab requisitions with specimen labels.
  • Eliminates cumbersome paperwork.
  • Prints specimen packing lists prior to laboratory transport.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Single screen for fast lab order entry.
  • Place standing orders.
  • Pre-loaded with patient database.
  • Multiple default fields for faster entry.
  • Easy patient search using Social Security Number, DOB, Name, Phone Number, or MRN.

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